How Inefficient Is Being Inefficient?

In many instances, people constantly find reasons to mow us down at any chance that they get. Talk about utilizing chances at every turn.  Whenever the chance arises, we often find ourselves being reduced to nothing more than someone who is inefficient. And, what is more is the fact that they bring upon the same topic of a failure at every chance that they get and more importantly it affects our mind.

Well, what we know is that repeated verbal harassment will affect us like nothing else. Wounds that are caused by physical means can heal, but the wounds caused by mere sharp words take their time to heal, don’t they? What I’m trying to say is that never ridicule someone even after knowing that it would most obviously cause them pain. You know, when you go through the same process, you will obviously feel wrecked and embarrassed to even show them your faces again.

And mind you, being inefficient in one field of ANY given work does not mean you are an inefficient one, overall. Well, the one who is reading this, if you ever have felt or still are feeling let down, just know this. You are one special person and, a person can never find another one like you even a few degrees better or worse than you are. as each fingerprint differs, so does your pros and cons from every single person on this planet, why, maybe even this universe.

Inefficiency simply does not render people useless and, well, there often might be many people around who can cover up our inefficiencies as a team right? And, that’s what friends are meant for. You fail at something, your friends and especially your best friends will be forever present to cover up for you no matter what. I’m not talking about the fake people who just show what they are made of in the toughest situations around though. Okay, then. Time to log off. See ya!



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