Identical Clothes: My Toddler Mind’s Misfiring

Being identical poses as something annoying even, for adults, and especially for teachers, doesn’t it? Well what is the case in that of a child? An adult who has seen many things in their life themselves can’t differentiate between them. A child, who has seen comparatively lesser things in her life is the one to suffer much more. Huh, here goes.

This is one of the very few hilarious incidents which my toddler self underwent. Oh well, I think that I have already blogged upon this. But, still.

One fine Sunday evening, my family took off to Church for some ritual (I don’t really remember). My bro went off on his own and, sat along with his companions. And, my toddler self found herself squeezed between her parents. It got really sweaty and, I decided to take a short break (Of curse, not on my own). After sometime, my father stumbled upon an old friend and was held up for some amount of time. I, on the other hand, went on a walking spree. My micro height played a vital part in this incident, too. After walking for some time, I ran onto some guy. When I looked up, I couldn’t see his face properly. But, the pants and the checked shirt were the ones that my father was wearing. Who knew, toddlers never could distinguish people by their clothes and looks alone… People taller than them automatically fell in the category of known persons.

Naturally, I thought that the guy was my father, and I asked him for some water. That guy then crouched to the level of my height and asked about my whereabouts. Sudden shock hit me. I immediately went away from that place as my parents had always taught me never to talk to strangers. But, he held me in place and, stopped me from getting lost. After some time, my father came and took me back to my mum.

Oh well, everyone seems to have forgotten that this incident ever happened, but this is one of the incidents that still make me cringe, whenever I think about it. So, yeah, I’m feeling extremely cringy right now, so I’ll take my leave!

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