A Four Man Team

Hello there! Today, it will just be me telling you about the members of my four man team. You see, my group consists of myself, my idiot friend (also a joker), my childhood (like from toddlers) friend and another one. Okay, let me tell you about my group. We are the type that stands out in common enmity against The Hashtags (long time no mentioning, but, there you go!). Oh, and I do not restrict them from talking to them, but it’s just that when my childhood bestiee found about this particular enmity, she began hating them too.

Also, the hatred spread and, out group just stayed away from them. So yeah, there goes the introduction for my group. Now, let’s talk about its members.

Myself- I am the type of person who will never stop talking about anime when I’m with my joker friend, who is a great fan girl of anime, too. And, when left alone with my group, it poses as a major threat of continuous chitchat. Oh, then comes the level of stupidity. well, you can put me in the lowest rung in that category, though.

Now comes the joker or otherwise, the anime fangirl. Nothing much to say, but, she is one of a kind. And, she loves music and has great singing skills ( I forgot! I do too!!). Well, can’t leak more information.

Childhood friend- She, too, is one of a kind. Too pure tbh.  And, coming to the last one, sadly, she left for migration. Hn. I miss her, even though the next academics year has not begun…

That’s it. This is my group. We like ganging up often and each and every one of us is gifted with amazing voices, so, even if technology was erased from this world, we will still be lively and sing into the starry night. This friendship, is too rare is what I observed. Like, you know, I never told you anything about my group, like, nothing at all. This is just the tiniest fraction of how my group is and, how it behaves. Okay, I’m totally not ready to give out more information, so, I’ll be logging off!

P.S. We are a quartet of Girls!!!!


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