Panic Attacks- Water?

Hello! When I was in Eighth grade, something happened which made me question about the abilities of the fitness teacher in my school. This fine day, we were happening to be going on rounds. Then, we were called forth for just random exercises. When my turn came, I just failed twice. Oh well, after that, it was HELL. The teacher began scolding me, and I began losing my cool. After some time, I began wheezing.

Huh. The teacher lost her cool too, and began ordering around my friends to bring all sorts of things. One was WATER. She then snatched the water and began pouring it down my throat. Then, when I started panicking, she emptied the entire bottle which made me to choke a little. When she didn’t stop, somehow, tears began leaking from my eyes. Oh my luck, at the same time, my science teacher and my homeroom teacher called up from above and asked what was wrong.

Given my condition, the fitness teacher began explaining the reason to pour down the water down my throat. My science teacher facepalmed herself and began explaining that water isn’t the thing that she should be pouring down my throat. For a moment, she was taken aback, then she gradually scooted away from everyone’s sight. Huh. Her actions betrayed her little knowledge. I’m not exactly blaming her, even so, as a fitness teacher, she must know a little about these things, right?

Even though, I still can’t forget that day. Hmm. And two days later, I had another panic attack in MATH CLASS. My homeroom teacher was literally laughing at me for my foolishness (I sp’se). Huh. Trying to save me from crying my *then* friends, tried hard, and finally ended up, dropping my water bottle’s cap INTO the bin. Oh well, I couldn’t help, but crack a smile, which soon led to intense laughing, the whole period. Tbh, panic attacks are a pain. You won’t even be able to black out, nor find comfort in being conscious. ll the people rushing around you, it simply doesn’t add up.

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