A Phrase- To Wound and To Heal

So, I have come across this phrase, “Forgive me” a lot of times in my life. What bothers me is the fact that this phrase, has two potential meanings. One, it has the ability, to melt a person’s heart onto the deed of ‘forgiving’, and the other with the harsh meaning of forcing a person to let go of them. When we check it out on this basis, this certainly is a double-edged sword.

Oh, and consider it this way. What I am trying to tell you guys, is the fact that the phrase serves as a warning against two implications. They both can have negative outcomes, if interpreted in the other way around. For example, you may be trying to get a sorry into a person’s head, but rather, your tone might change it into the meaning of ‘pushing yourself out of the person’s entire constitution’. I really don’t know if this is how the way it works, but, I’m pretty sure that the human tone has something to do with this.

So yeah, the phrase is toxic, to be honest. I can’t say that you guys will be totally impressed with this interpretation of mine, but it just hit me so often that this phrase shared two hidden meanings that I felt the need to post about it. Of course, this phrase seems captivating in all its accounts, but I wouldn’t rely too much on its usage, since this has a lot to do with the tone and way of interpretation. Hmph. Better not to confuse others, right? So I would recommend (at all costs) that we all should just say the magic word “sorry’, instead of ‘Forgive me’.

Sometimes, I wonder how the world has changed so much and how its way of talking and language have evolved, that I often have the need to just sit in someplace quiet, and serene, close my eyes for a tiny bit and just let the happenings of the world sink in. Maybe, I feel, maybe it would help a lot if humans were never so aggressive. I’m not one to complain, because, even I have come to the end of a lot of tantrums, most of them being caused by me, and maybe others too. So yeah, even a sword must be wielded with care, especially a double-edged sword, and, they also say that words wound more than a knife… Get it?

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