Bodily Bacteria – Healthy Benefits of Probiotics

Hello there! Most of us think that bacteria can be something really nasty, right? Oh well, you are wrong. What actually is unhealthy are the bacteria which stick to your food and water from dirty and unclean places. The good bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics help you so much that your body cannot function without their help. Now, about probiotics. You may ask…

What Are These Probiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms which are present in the body or are introduced to increase the beneficial qualities in the body. They provide various health benefits. Their role is to improve intestinal flora balance, boost immune function and increase the bodily resistance to diseases. They also promote a healthy digestive tract. Hm, probiotics are really helpful if you mind the bright side of bacteria being present in your body. The sources for probiotics are Yogurt, Dark chocolate, Miso soup, and the list goes on.

Advantages Of The Presence Of Probiotics –

  • Probiotics help balance all the friendly bacteria in your gut. It is often taken after a period of sickness to counter the high number of bad bacteria.
  • Probiotics help cure diarrhea and help in improvement of mental health conditions.
  • Probiotics help in the reduction of severity of allergies.
  • They help in reduction of inflammation and aid in digestion.
  • Help in weight loss, depression and aging.

Probiotics And Their Work For Our Body –

Probiotics has a lot of functions. One of the main function is that they help in the reduction of body weight, and especially belly fat. The lactobacillus, present in the dairy products help in reduction of body weight about 3%-4% over a six-week period.

Probiotics help in easing constipation. Probiotics help in increase of metabolism, which immediately leads to excessive body weight reduction. Probiotics also seem to work against acne and help in clearing your skin. Probiotics helps in growth of long and lustrous hair. Hair may be dead, but each follicle is surrounded by nourishing blood vessels. It also helps in keeping the blood clean.

Well, probiotics may cause mild gas and bloating. And, it should never be given to premature infants. Probiotics in bodily lotions and creams also help and are a great for your skin.

Who Should Avoid Probiotics?

  • Probiotics should not be taken by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • People who are hospitalized and have central IV lines should also avoid intake of probiotics.
  • If you have a weakened immune system.

All these measures must be taken only if you are someone who are able to intake probiotic foods. Supplements can also be taken alongside regular food to support the diet. Probiotics, on the first few days of introduction may cause slight allergies, and may give you tummy aches. But, don’t worry! Your body will automatically adapt to the conditions and you may become compatible with the new introduction of the probiotics. Each coin has two completely different faces. So, you know, probiotics may not be compatible to one and all. Each person has a different structure. So, if this article helped you, feel free to comment and share!!

5 thoughts on “Bodily Bacteria – Healthy Benefits of Probiotics

  1. I’ve read about the benefits of probiotics in several articles, and I would really like to start with them but I’m still a little confused about which foods contain probiotics.


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