The Importance Of Good Food And Exercise

Heya there! Today’s post will be about the importance of good food and how exercise helps us through our life. Best fitness often means a good and, prolonged life.

Why Is Exercising Necessary?

Physical activities, or exercises are necessary foe a human body to improve the health, and prevent developing diseases like diabetes type-2, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It has a long term effect on the body and increases the efficiency. It helps with reduction of body weight, and also improves blood circulation in our body.

Benefits Of Exercising-

  • It strengthens the heart. By constantly exercising a muscle, it gradually becomes stronger. The same goes for the heart, too.
  • It increases the capacity of the lungs, making them more efficient, so as to draw ore air in and expelling it. It also prevents the decline of intake of oxygen as we grow old.
  • It prevents excess body weight. All the extra fats and calories burn away with regular exercise, giving you a slimmer and fitter look.
  • It regulates blood pressure and is a stress-reliever.
  • It helps us in getting better sleep as, being active also enables us to fall asleep faster, and remain asleep for a longer period.

Well, exercising also has its cons, like taking up a lot of time for your workout that enables the follow up of a consistent workout. also, the equipment may cost you, if you’re not the one who is quite a spendthrift on getting quite the right equipment.

Nutritious Foods That Help In Obtaining A Better Lifestyle-

1. Fatty Fish– Fatty fish contain Omega-3 that are important for the body’s good function, and also which lowers the risks of many serious diseases.

2. Garlic– Garlic lowers blood pressure and reduces heart diseases.

3. Potatoes– Potatoes, after they are well cooked have a resistant starch which come with powerful health benefits.

4. Blueberries- They may not be nutrient rich, but are high in antioxidants, which serve as protection for the brain.

5. Vegetables- Veggies are rich in fibers, which provide adequate roughage, which leads to better digestion processes.

Importance Of Good Food-

Good food also is a key feature for good life. A good diet also reduces the risk of a chronic disease and promote overall health. Good food also helps in building better immunity to ward off diseases. Also, as people say, good food and good exercise constitute a good life. I just hope that you understood what the importance of being healthy is. So, you



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