Disadvantages Of Weight Gain And How To Workaround It

In our daily lives, we find many people who are severe suffers from weight gain. When we realize their discomfort, it makes the thought all the more obvious, to never put on extra weight. We tend to analyze the situation and in some cases, ignoring the thought of being rude, even try and approach them with methods to tone down their bodies. When this is done publicly, and we put the other person to ‘shame’,  is called, body-shaming.

Why Do We Gain Weight?

Most people gain weight when they intake more calories and drinks than what is necessary for their body and fail to work it off. This is one major and the most popular reason for weight gain for the majority of the people all around the world. Why even your health plays a vital role in managing your mass matters!

Your Thyroid- An unexplained weight gain often signifies the fact that your thyroid levels are low. This leads to a condition called hypothyroidism. On the other side, when your thyroid levels are high, your body loses much more weight than intended to, leading to a condition of hyperthyroidism. But, the fact is, most people won’t be able to sort the difference and not notice the disease before it is full-blown.

Overeating Healthy Foods- Yes, you read that right! Most of the healthy foods that you eat for regular fitness and as a good diet also can affect your weight. For example, avocados and nuts are high in calories. With regular consumption, the calories add and pile up, and we automatically gain weight. As people say, “There is a limit to anything and everything”. The same goes here. Just because a certain food tends to be healthy, you cannot afford to overeat on that.

Pitting Depressions- Oh! And depressions play a role here too! Whenever we find ourselves in a depressed state, we often tend to either overeat or cease eating altogether. Well, in either situation, we find ourselves gorging on anything and everything that we find, which leads to a vicious cycle. Depression rises our craving to eat and Boom! You are suddenly and rapidly gaining weight!

You Don’t Keep A Check- When we go through our regular lifestyle, we fail to keep check with our body. We do not actually care to notice the signs that scream at us telling that we are gaining weight. We just gloss over the fact and tend to overeat.

Types Of Weight Gain-

There are mainly four types of weight gain. You can read about that here. Also, keep in mind that body shapes also play a role in gaining or losing weight. And, the type of diet and why, even your genetics matter!

How To Evade Weight Gain-

  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.
  • Never overeat. Keep in mind the number of calories that you need and stick to your own plan/diet.
  • Avoid eating at random intervals.
  • If you are not hungry, just don’t even plan on eating to pass your time.
  • Stick to your workout schedule, if you have one. Never stop exercising abruptly.
  • Stick to low-calorie level foods in restaurants, and never let your tongue decide your food.
  • Eat fiber-rich fruits and veggies.

Disadvantages Of Weight Gain-

Weight gain affects regular lifestyle on quite a high level. It increases the risks of major diseases. You will also easily be offended when you are not the confident type when chided by people. And, to be honest, finding proper clothing also becomes a Herculean task. Well, now that you have gotten a few reasons to worry about, you better take the road to losing weight! Hope you liked this post!

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