Reasons Why You Need To Love Your Body More Than Anyone Around

So, well, my last post was about how you can work around, and get fit. Well, it’s not like I’m asking everyone in this revolving world to be slim and ‘fit’ looking models.

Of course, everybody has their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, consider two people on the road to becoming fitter. One may have the resource, but, the other may not. Similarly, one may have the time, while the other may not.

Admire Your Body, As You Wish-

What I am trying to imply here is the fact that every single person must and should always feel confident in their own skin. Well, to be honest, whenever I get the time to ponder over my body, I take a look at my arm and just decide for that moment that I look like a potato. But, after some time, when I look in the mirror, I feel like I am a really slim body-type person, and just feel like I don’t have the need to exercise. Well, this may be true for anyone around.

And, another important component, is loving your own body more than anyone else’s. You see, convincing yourself that your body looks great may seem good, but, when it comes to positivity in negative situations like, an overcrowded area filled with slim and ‘fit’ people, your strength just seems to crumble. Today’s post will just give you the motivation to continue on with your regular body, if your body is not the toned type.

The proper way to approach our body, is to either sit and admire….. or even just sit and throw curses. Well, either way, it will automatically lead you to drag your body to workout, either to keep yourself fit as you are, or try trimming yourself. The thing is, we all must strive and work together to create a society that is free from creating any obsession whether the feeling is negative or positive.

Whenever you find people talking about you with no respect, don’t and never overreact. Take the comments, turn them into motivation, and strive for a better goal ahead. This doesn’t mean that you have to diss your body’s cravings. You always have to live for yourself, and never for others.

Act Out Of Self-Accordance-

If you feel that you are beginning to hate yourself for being ‘fat’ and too ‘bulky’, do what you feel like doing. Hit the gym, eat a bar of chocolate, pick a book, read yourself to sleep, wake up, perform your everyday jobs, and most importantly, never forget your breakfast. Because, if you do, your hunger increases, and this leads you to take more food than necessary in the noon.

I may not be a talented or trained person in such matters. But, when it comes to self confidence, good food and health, I never rely on others’ words to take me out of my normal stance. It’s just become my part of life to follow my own rules, be self-confident, aware of any situation and act accordingly. To top it all, I AM a couchpotato that tends to watch a lot of anime!

So, all of you people that feel like you are growing fat with every passing day…. Never lose confidence and keep doing wha you are doing. This will automatically create your own schedule, which will tend to become a regular timetable for you to follow. It isn’t like we are gonna become fat or become fit in one day, is it? Afterall, Rome was not built in a day!





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