How A Woman Must Always Care For Herself And Her Life

Women are the most complicated part of being human. They, even though considered to be inferior to men, are the ones who undergo much more pain and discomfort throughout their life. What shall I say, aren’t they the sowers of ‘seeds’ that give rise to a beautiful orchard? Women may not seem much. They might not be beautiful altogether, but, their patience and compassion are what is important. Oh well, that also means that a woman must also be given total right to post about her issues online, right?

That’s exactly what I’m going to do. At first, I thought that talking about ‘womanly problems’ was embarrassing. But, today, my mindset is that of talking and helping women go through their every day, and most importantly, their ‘monthly’ problems.

Women And Their Everyday Problems-

Women and girls, to be honest surely seem to undergo a lot of problems regarding their health, body, and mind. When it comes to work or school, it seems to be the problem of stress. At home, it seems to be work, work, and work alone. And also, mental health matters here. A woman’s monthly problem, too. Now, that things have come to this, let’s start talking.

Stress- Women, have a way of dealing with problems. An example is my mother. But, when it is done, you can often find them sitting and pondering over some really boring facts. They keep thinking about it again and again, and just kinda wear themselves out.

Fear- I kid you not. Almost all women and girls face this. They are constantly in fear of protecting themselves, their honour, and their future. You know, I’ll be honest here. India, right now is in a pitiable situation. Many unfair deeds are happening to girls, why, even babies here. The affected gender? The females. True, the situation is far worse off in many areas. But, what concerns us, is the major and true fact that women are always in constant danger, wherever they go. It just seems to be our fate.

Monthy Discomfort- This. This one thing is what leaves us literally half- dead. Every goddamned month. Well, if the world should prosper, it is necessary. Yes, our discomfort may not be visible to you. Maybe, time has progressed so much that men can’t distinguish how a woman’s pained expression looks like. This is also one thing, which is a very important of our health.

Her Beauty- Women are mostly desired to  be heart melting figures. In reality, we are not. We too, like all humans have problems. Be it skin problems, health problems, and even mental problems. Nobody is perfect. That must be accepted as an universal fact. We all read something… anything that will make us feel more liking towards ourself. In reality, it is the opposite.

Many instances prove that women are really an important component in this world. But, why? Why do people treat us like objects? Many people seem to have a good demeanour. But, this turns out to be a fake one at a large level. This is not what is important. What is more is the fact that, women must never be denied the path for a fitter future. This may not totally be a health post, but one that is more than enough to make you want to accept women and grant them their rights. I sincerely hope that to be the case. So, please. Next time, don’t ridicule a woman or a girl if she is overweight, or not good-looking, or even depressed.

Either ignore them, or approach them only if you feel that you would be able to help them. Hope it sticks to your head!




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