Avengers : Infinity War – Movie Review

Well, the popular topic right now is the box-office crashing latest Marvel movie. It isn’t regarded as a good movie for nothing though. Now, I’m gonna brief a little about the movie on an overall note. Those who don’t appreciate spoilers can smoothly slide off this place.

The movie’s opening itself drive me to the seat’s edge.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a beaten down Thor in Thanos’ clutch and Loki standing nearby unaffected. Well, if you had looked underneath the underneath, you would have probably noticed Bruce Banners running at Thanos’ when Loki said “…..we have a Hulk.”

The moment totally caught me off guard though. The next scene was that which *THREW the Incredible Hulk towards Earth exactly at Doctor Steven Strange’s place.

Next, you could see Tony Stark talking with Pepper about their weird dreams and marriage when they were suddenly encountered by Doctor Strange. Then it just goes on and then Bruce finally meets Tony after a few years. Bruce then warns about the upcoming danger and they put together their heads and finally come up with the solution that they need to work with the disbanded Avengers which includes Captain America, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Vision and a few others.

At the same time, a disaster occurs which leads to Doctor Steven Strange’s capture. Spiderman tries to save him but is ended up being saved by Iron Man. They then somehow wander off to space. Then Bruce makes a personal visit to tell them about the upcoming danger.

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy encounter Thor and they heal him. Then Thor sets out to replace his hammer along with a few members of the Guardians. Then soon after this every individual begin their own fight. Scarlet Witch and Vision make it to Wakanda where they plan to extract Vision’s Infinity Stone and destroy it so as to not let Thanos’ gain the upper hand in the war.

But unfortunately, Wakanda is attacked. To protect Vision, Captain America, Black Widow, Black Panther and even Bucky work together to protect the barrier from breaking.

Meanwhile, Tony Stark, Spiderman, Doctor Strange land on Titan. They then work together to bring down Thanos. At the same time, the rest of the Guardians are ambushed and Gamora is kidnapped by Thanos. Gamora then finds out that Nebula, her sister, was being tortured for information regarding one of the Stones. When she saw what was happening, she immediately gave in to Thanos and told him the location of the Stone.

Nebula then breaks free and warns Mantis also asking her to wait on Titan.

Thanos who went in with Gamora, came out with the Infinity Stone alone. Then all the wars wage and, finally, right about when Vision’s Stone was destroyed, Thanos reverses the time and reclaims it from destruction.

Well, what happens after that, I shall not disclose for it is one of the most heart wrenching happenings.

To be truthful, it was one of those films which never seemed to drag. Although my brother complained so (!). Its humour was on point and many joked popped up in the serious of situations and the scene somehow turned down the seriousness at a moment’s flick. I did enjoy the entirety of the movie. Truly, it was totally worth watching and I have always wondered how Marvel always made the best movies.

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