Smartphone Addiction: A Growing Problem

Smartphone addiction is one of the most famous topics to be running around in 2018. Smartphones tend to be those small, but informative things that you can carry anywhere and everywhere either in your pocket or in a bag. While the actual thing tends to be something so tiny, its effects are monstrous. It affects our everyday life all around, all day and every day. Smartphone addiction has many cons which you will learn about in the upcoming paragraphs.

What Is Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone addiction is something that is caused by over exploitation of the internet on smartphones which almost instantly leads to addiction be it any definite topic. Also, a problem of information overload occurs which can totally load your brain with unwanted information. Also, it is one of the main factors that tend to end any given relationship in a short period. It also is the main factor that makes you believe that online friends are better than real friends.

It makes you gloss over all the unwanted sites that you can find on the internet such as gambling sites and bidding sites, too.

You also tend to shop for unwanted things just because that particular thing had caught your attention and you really want to try it out just for the sake of it. It may seem stupid, but the reasons behind such actions clearly speak for themselves.

Side-Effects Of Excessive Smartphone Usage

Smartphone addiction has its own big bad in own way. Although we gravitate towards using smartphones as stress-relievers, they often tend to become stress-inducers. Also, back pains tend to become noticeable as you spend a lot of time hunched over your phone, on Facebook or on Instagram.

It also causes irreversible nerve damage that sends occasional jolts of pain that may raid you with severe headaches and migraine. It also causes an increase in stress and anxiety levels and creates a disruption in emotion management issues.

To be truthful, it even affects our sleep. It also manipulates us in such a way that we tend to roll around uncomfortable without the phone present anywhere nearby. It was found that having a cup of caffeine before bed affects our sleep much less than how white light exposure affects our sleep.

Well, here comes a disturbing fact – Your phone has 10x more bacteria than the amount found in your toilet-seat. Totally gross, right? And, increased phone usage affects the muscles in our wrists and has long-term effects. And hearing to intense music on loud volumes can damage our inner ears.

Steps To Minimise Smartphone Usage

Usage of smartphones can be limited to levels much lower than intended with a few self-imposed rules. You could set aside a fixed time for usage of the phone. And, try to keep away from your phone as much as possible and keep it as far as you can away from your room.

Take initiatives and try to stay away from your browser as much as possible. Also, disable apps like Facebook and Instagram that require your interest. Disable any gaming app that you are addicted to. Find yourself a hobby. And, set annoying and long passwords. Don’t set up your alarms on the phone.

Try merging with your family and friends in order to take off your time from your phone.


Well, these are a very few tips that I can provide you with. But, the real effort lies in you implementing them and staying away. To be truthful, once a human knows the worst of anything, he tends to stay away from it. ‘Using Smartphones causes NERVE DAMAGE’. There you go. And, it is IRREVERSIBLE. And now, it must have stuck to your brain. So, be wise and know what your limits are. Stop whatever you have been doing until now, and listen to your body’s ramblings.

Okay then. I’ll be logging off.

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