How To Slow Down The Aging Process

Aging quicker than usual is one of the major headaches literally everyone has in this world, right? Well, it seems that we even are afraid of the normal aging process. How about we go on and find some ways to deal with this specific aging process in order to slow things down?

Reasons For Premature Aging Processes

The major reasons for aging have not actually been figured out. But, accumulation of damages on the skin may cause biological systems to fail, thereby accelerating certain processes that trigger aging. Other reasons include increased exposure to the sun and pollution. Also, the type of skin matters. For example, if you have oily skin, it won’t matter until it’s too late. But in the case of dry skin, it’s not.

Also, loss of subcutaneous support increases the aging process.

The cold conditions, too, play a part here. They leave your usually moisturized skin unusually dry and cracked which also degenerates the skin and leads to the aging process.

Adequate sleep matters a LOT lot here. When you sleep, your skin usually regenerates. So, without sleep, you will begin rubbing and pulling the areas around your eyes causing dark patches along with crinkles to form.

Who Suffers The Most From Premature Aging Processes

This is one of the questions we all ask each other when it comes to the point where we all become afraid of aging any longer.

So, let’s move on to the topic. Drug users, people who smoke and heavy alcohol drinkers seem to be the people who are affected the most by premature aging. Though even a few medications accelerate aging processes, bad care also damages the skin. Now, how do you identify premature aging? Well, at certain times, your skin may feel extremely dry and your cravings for salt peaks.

Exposing ourselves to the Sun too much may seem silly. But, as its intensity and effects on the skin increases, it may even tend to turn into skin cancer. You can also identify premature aging with the noticeable increase in hair loss, and failing eyesight.

How To Prevent Premature Aging From Taking Over?

The following methods are just the normal, plain ones that have been followed for many years. The solution is quite simple.

  • Eat fresh veggies.
  • Look out for vitamin-rich foods as they help your skin a lot.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat fruits that are quite high in water content.
  • Use anti-aging products that contain retinol and glycolic acid.

Also, exercise a lot. This improves your blood flow and well, all in all, it is good for your skin.

Foods To Eat

Carrots are a good source of Vitamin A since our body cannot produce this on our own. It also is extremely good for our eyes. Due to the orange pigment present, it has the capability to produce the required vitamins. Although white carrots do not have this pigment, they are well known to ward off cancer.

Also, cruciferous foods that have green pigments in them also add up to the health benefits. They are also good sources of soluble fibers which help in regulating sugars in the bloodstream. Fishes like salmon can prevent the onset of heart diseases. Citrus fruits and cereals also play a vital role in how they change and slow down premature aging.


We all must know that health is something that is not to be tampered with. So, premature aging is something which occurs when you do tamper with your health. I’m not the person to ask you to mind your business, but, it is extremely important that you need to be healthy so that you can support the upcoming generations with all their difficulties.

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