What Is Back Pain: Definition, Causes, And Symptoms

What Is A Back Pain

What is back pain and, what are the types of back pain?

Back pain is divided into neck pain, middle back pain, lower back pain or sacral pain. These pains may be either acute or chronic. And the types of pain are classified as a dull ache, a sharp piercing one or even a burning sensation. This is one of the worst kind of aches that can plague you as the pain tends to spread to the hands and legs and may even cause numbness in certain cases.

About nine out of ten adults in the whole world suffer, while every five out of ten working people suffer from lower back pains. These pains are caused due to compression of the intervertebral disks by the vertebrae. Back pains are the main reason for taking days off of work by about 40% of the adult population.

Back pain normally can be cured. It is divided into two types, respectively-

  • Acute Pain (6-12 weeks) and
  • Chronic Pain (12 weeks and above)

Causes Of Back Pain

There is no definite reason for back pain to occur. Although it is caused singularly due to filtering of pain from different parts of the body or from the organs. These types of pain are also known as ‘Referred Pains’. This is common in abdominal and in thoracic regions. To be truthful, in severe cases, bones may weaken, break and cause the pain. Arthritis on the joints in the back may also cause severe pains.

Obesity also plays a part in degenerating the spine. The spine usually carries the burden of the body and distributes it equally among the body organs. But, with obesity, its work is increased and it exerts more pressure in many other areas, especially on the legs.

Although back pains are considered to be a sign of old age, it can often be associated with deteriorating health. Not that it’s too obvious, though. Back pains are one of the very few ailments which you can immediately identify and seek therapy.

Well, the other reasons are poor postures and pregnancy. Also, people who do not exercise and people who smoke a lot are exposed to more back pains than the normal ones. Bad posture and obesity are the roots of all the premature age-related problems.

Back pains do not seem that nasty at the start. But, as the time flies, all you concentrate upon the is inflated or damaged otherwise, the herniated disk which keeps giving you piercing pains whatever you do. Pregnancy in women also causes back pains. Also, you are all the more prone to it if you have had the pains even before becoming pregnant. This is what is back pain.

What Is Back Pain And Its Symptoms

There is a persistent back pain present which does not subside even after resting up or lying down. Pain is always an indication of how our body is. So, nothing must be ignored. If the pain doesn’t seem to subside, seek medical attention.

Sometimes, sharp pinched pain can also indicate a sign of lung cancer. The pain also passes through and reaches your limbs which makes carrying out everyday activities more difficult.

Shortness of breath also accounts for back pain. Exercises are the only way you can escape from these pains. Always make sure that you maintain the right posture wherever and however you are sitting.

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