The story of The Coin

Hello Guys! Today's blog will be about 'The story of The Coin'. It starts out as a metal which is found deep down inside Mother Earth's womb. It is then extracted out and carried to factories where it is melted, cleaned and beaten into the shape of a coin. It is then carried to the … Continue reading The story of The Coin

Metal chunks and Bullets

What Metal Chunks Can Do...

Two girls are playing in their houses. They are playing with something that looks like marbles made out of metals. Suddenly, it flies out of one of the girls’ hands and falls through the window sails in a ruggedly way lodges itself inside the head of a man. The girls now filled with terror file … Continue reading Metal chunks and Bullets

A Child of Two States

A Child of Two States

“’kay, bye!!!” shouted Rene. “I love you darling!” shouted her mother. Grrrrr……… “That’s the thousandth time you are saying that.” With a pause. “Mum” “Oh did I??” “Yep” “Okay, then. Bye!” Grrrrr…….. “Bye!” Rene entered the train. After some time, the ticket collector entered the train. He asked for the ticket. “Ticket please?” he asked. … Continue reading A Child of Two States