A Phrase- To Wound and To Heal

Double Trouble

So, I have come across this phrase, "Forgive me" a lot of times in my life. What bothers me is the fact that this phrase, has two potential meanings. One, it has the ability, to melt a person's heart onto the deed of 'forgiving', and the other with the harsh meaning of forcing a person … Continue reading A Phrase- To Wound and To Heal

Panic Attacks- Water?


Hello! When I was in Eighth grade, something happened which made me question about the abilities of the fitness teacher in my school. This fine day, we were happening to be going on rounds. Then, we were called forth for just random exercises. When my turn came, I just failed twice. Oh well, after that, … Continue reading Panic Attacks- Water?

Identical Clothes: My Toddler Mind’s Misfiring

Being identical poses as something annoying even, for adults, and especially for teachers, doesn't it? Well what is the case in that of a child? An adult who has seen many things in their life themselves can't differentiate between them. A child, who has seen comparatively lesser things in her life is the one to … Continue reading Identical Clothes: My Toddler Mind’s Misfiring