Hello Guys!!! My summer vacations have begun (well, it began on the 23rd of April) and I am kind of free you know? Okay, let's come to the point and talk about holidays. How many of us HATE holidays? No one right? Yeah. I knew that. Holidays are the only days where you can: Wake … Continue reading Holidays


Being Indian

Okay, a few days ago, I was using Quora, a question-and-answer app in which I found a few answers which were quite derogatory towards Indians. It was such that an Indian/ Russian had gone on a visit to a Russian dentist. They had been speaking on some silly topic and, finally, they reached the topic … Continue reading Being Indian

Summer Scorch

Hey guys! Summer wishes from South-India!!!! Well, this may come as a boon to many people, but, for us South-Indians, it currently is a bane. It half matches the weather conditions in the book 'Scorch Trials'. We people are outta water [ Well, not entirely, but, water level percentage is dwindling 😦 which makes us … Continue reading Summer Scorch


 Hey guys!! Let me tell you. Life is short. It's in your hands whether you make it sweeter as it already is or try and make it better spoiling its compatibility. You never have to hurry in life. Keep a slow pace. Climb Life's staircase. Locate your destiny which is supposed to be your room … Continue reading Life…


  . Hi people! See this quote? It's kinda like a poem right? I really like it. What it tries to convey is that relationship is like a flower. It can wither and waste away. The love created from this flower can make us forgive horrible pasts. This type of flower is HARD to find. … Continue reading Relationship